Differences between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting vehicles

Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting may seem to mean the same, but in reality, they are three different concepts that we must be clear about when washing our vehicles. Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many questions have arisen about these processes and the role played by each. Today, we’re going to tell you about the differences and the objectives you will achieve if you clean, sanitize or disinfect your vehicle.

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ISTOBAL esens® fragrances: the perfect finishing touch to your car wash

Today we want to awaken your sense of smell by talking about fragrances. Scents are already a very powerful marketing tool. Scientific studies have confirmed that we are able to remember much more what we smell than what we see or hear. In our sector, fragrances play a fundamental role, because when your customers wash their cars, they want them to smell, as well as look, completely clean. Using a fragrance will add a special touch for the customer to complete the service. The scents of ISTOBAL esens® car wash products and interior fragrance sprays are the perfect solution.

And since taste is something completely individual, here at ISTOBAL we offer a wide variety of chemical wash products with very different scents.  Cherry or spa-scented foams, waxes with fruity fragrances and others that smell of vanilla. We also have a highly concentrated perfume to add fragrances to unscented shampoos and foams, so you can choose and customize the washing experience according to your customers' tastes. Sweet strawberry and chocolate scents, fruity cherry, mango or pineapple aromas, or citrus scents such as mandarin.

And for the inside of the car? There is nothing better than a finishing touch that neutralizes odours and leaves a pleasant clean-car smell after interior cleaning. Our range of washing accessories includes car interior sprays that clear the air. There are lemon, apple and piña colada sprays for those who love fruity scents, pine for the more traditional, caramel with hints of strawberry and chocolate for those who like sweeter scents, floral scents for spring lovers, aquatic sea and spa scents, and others that smell like well-known perfumes. And of course, unscented odour absorbers for those who prefer a more sterile environment and are looking, above all, for a clean-car smell.

Remember that there is now also a new accessory for our jet wash bays: the ambient scenting system. This is designed to greet customers with a pleasant clean smell when they arrive at the washing bay. The perfume spraying equipment is activated through a proximity sensor when the car arrives, creating a fresh and clean washing environment. Your washing experience will be unique and different.

As you know, not everything is perceived through sight, but also through smell, and a car that is clean inside and out as well as smelling good will be the icing on the cake. Discover our new and innovative line of fragrances here to add the perfect finishing touch to your car wash.

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