Code of Ethics

Being a responsible and transparent company is central to the way we operate. In every step we take, in every decision we make and in every relationship we build, we strive to reflect our commitment to our corporate values. 

At ISTOBAL we have a Code of Ethics which serves as a guiding framework for our employees in their professional conduct, both internally and externally, and outlines the principles that should drive the behavior of everyone associated with our company. Among other things, it regulates the ethical principles and rules of conduct that should govern relations at our company, both between employees within the organisation and with external groups of interest, be they clients, suppliers, agents, distributors or any other parties.

Through honesty and reliability we strive to build and maintain trust with our stakeholders, in order to ensure integrity in our relationships and operations. This dedication to ethical conduct is not only a reflection of who we are as a company and a reflection of our identity, but also a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability in everything we do.

ISTOBAL Code of Ethics

ISTOBAL Compliance Policy

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