ISTOBAL will attend the 2023 NACS Show with its latest rollover developed for the USA market

On October 4-6 ISTOBAL USA will showcase at the NACS Show, Atlanta, GA (Booth #B5141), the ISTOBAL M'WASH PRO, its latest high-end rollover. The M’WASH PRO unifies the latest technology and the aesthetics of the group’s European models with the versatility of the FLEX5 line of equipment.

This model, developed specially for the US market, responds to a demand from US customers for versatility, higher efficiency, and increased profitability. The new design optimizes wash control and quality, with its various configurations, extra options, and more efficient and connected technology.

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ISTOBAL presents its new M'WASH2 rollover at Tankstelle & Mittlestand

ISTOBAL has premiered its new M'WASH2 rollover at Tankstelle & Mittlestand, Germany's leading trade fair for the car dealership, service station and car wash industry, held at Messe Essen from 14 to 15 June (stand 6E02A).

The company has exhibited for the first time at a show and in the international market this innovative equipment aimed at increasing profitability in carwashes and improving the user experience through more efficient and connected technology.

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ISTOBAL promotes the Group’s most flexible solution to increasing car wash profitability at the 2022 NACS Show

On October 2-4 at the NACS Show, Las Vegas (Booth #6769), ISTOBAL USA will showcase the ISTOBAL FLEX5, its most versatile and popular rollover in the US fueling and convenience store sectors.

The ISTOBAL FLEX5 is the first and only transformable rollover. It offers flexible configuration for program customization, speed control, and product dosing, among other features. It can be configured as a 3- or 5-brush unit, a touch-free, a hybrid, or as a combo unit. In this way, it allows customers to choose the wash they want: friction with 3 or 5 brushes, contactless, or a combination of both.

The ISTOBAL FLEX5 has established itself in the US market thanks to its efficiency and versatility. With the ability to adapt to the present and future needs of the local market, it can transform from 3 to 5 brushes without the need to purchase an entirely new machine. An easy solution to a site’s need for a faster washing process, the 5-brush unit can reduce washing and drying time by up to 30% compared to the 3-brush configuration.

ISTOBAL FLEX5 grows in the CSTORE sector

ISTOBAL USA has registered increased sales of its most popular in-bay automatic by 22% in convenience stores in Q1 – Q3 compared to the same period last year. In addition, the company is finalizing a major 12-unit reload project for a leading US convenience store chain.

ISTOBAL presents at Innotrans 2022 comprehensive and digital train wash solutions

ISTOBAL will be presenting comprehensive, digital solutions for train washing at Innotrans 2022 (Berlin) from 20 to 23 September (Hall 6.2, stand 425).

The company will present its latest innovations in sustainable and customised washing systems for trains, trams and metros through flexible, connected and safe equipment that guarantees efficient washing in less time, with minimum maintenance and impact on the environment. They also allow remote management of the washing process and equipment maintenance.

The systems developed by ISTOBAL stand out for their capacity to adapt to the needs of the client thanks to an exhaustive development process, from the first sketch to the fine-tuning. This adaptability allows the installation of the equipment in new washing stations, as well as being able to adapt them to existing installations.

Among its complete range for the railway industry, ISTOBAL HW'DRIVE stands out as its most flexible line of pass-through washing systems, with a solid design and reliable mechanics to guarantee efficient washing and an excellent user experience.

Specifically, ISTOBAL HW'DRIVE2, designed for cleaning trolleybuses, trains, metros and trams, provides great versatility in the washing configuration, as well as a smooth and precise movement of the polyethylene brushes to ensure the best finish. It allows front, side and rear washing in depth in a fast, effective and sustainable way with systems that allow greater adaptability to the shape of the vehicles and greater washing efficiency.

It also has a pre-rinse arc, two rinse arcs, displaced electric panel with touch screen, soft starters for its four brushes and speed detection to avoid impacts with the vehicle, among other washing features, control systems and options.

Turnkey solutions for the rolling stock industry

ISTOBAL provides comprehensive and customised solutions for the railway industry with technological developments that adapt to any installation and stand out for their versatility, flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Its project management department covers consulting, design, production of washing equipment, water treatment systems and chemical solutions, as well as installation and maintenance.

Within its business line for the washing of trains, trams and metros, ISTOBAL supplies wash equipment to major rolling stock manufacturers as well as workshop and maintenance services. The company has developed 43 installations in 20 countries around the world that provide an average of 200,000 washes per year.  It currently has 10 projects underway in different countries such as Australia, Egypt, France, Hungary and Morocco, among others.

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