ISTOBAL will present in Las Vegas 2023 its new car wash solutions for the US market with a focus on profitability


On May 8-10 ISTOBAL USA is planning to reveal at The Car Wash Show, Las Vegas, NV (Booth #1155), some exciting news. The company will showcase multiple new products and options specially developed for the US market.  The new solutions respond to a demand from US customers for innovation, efficiency, and profitability.

ISTOBAL M’WASH PRO, a modern design with greater versatility and wash optimization

The ISTOBAL M'WASH PRO, is a new, high-end, rollover that unifies the latest technology and the aesthetics of the group’s European models with the versatility of the FLEX5 line of equipment. The new model is designed to offer increased profitability with its various configurations, extra options, and more efficient and connected technology.

The M'WASH PRO rollover optimizes wash control and quality. Its advanced technology with state-of-the-art software, modern design, and its multiple available options, allow for a wide variety of programs that will increase the value of the average ticket in the installation.

 The M'WASH PRO stands out for its striking user-focused design. Its sleek image can be customized in a wide range of styling details including fairing vinyls and a multitude of LED options that turn the machine into a show, taking customer experience to the next level.

 ISTOBAL’s extended width option opens up the market even further

ISTOBAL recognizes the need to cater to many types of vehicles. In recognition of that, they now offer an extra wide option specifically for wider vehicles. “It’s a sector of the market that many people ask about in the US and until now, there hasn’t been an easy, retail solution for these types of vehicles” said Ian Burton, the North American Director of Sales.

 ISTOBAL released their extended height option several years ago which targets taller vehicles such as Sprinter vans. Now, with an extended width option available as well, our customers can expand their market even further, maximizing their profits.

  ISTOBAL T´BRUSH, outstanding adaptability and brush quality

Additionally, ISTOBAL is offering attendees of The Car Wash Show a sneak peek of the soon to be available ISTOBAL T’BRUSH, a compact brush module that combines the best features of an in-bay automatic with the throughput of a tunnel. This ground-breaking crossover guarantees an outstanding wash quality, maximum efficiency first-class safety, and unparalleled adaptability.


The ISTOBAL T’BRUSH offers twice the wash coverage of traditional express wash equipment with fewer components and a wider range of use. Furthermore, both the top and side brushes contour the entire shape of the vehicle, a capability common with in-bay automatics that improves wash quality, coverage, and drastically reduces traditional on-site labor.

 The module offers outstanding added value in different scenarios, as it offers the possibility to either transform an in-bay automatic into a tunnel with an increase in throughput up 80 vehicles/hour, or by revamping an existing tunnel by replacing only the brush module to increase wash quality, coverage and customer satisfaction.

 The T’BRUSH is incredibly versatile thanks to its many optional extras which work together to maximize a customer’s satisfaction, decrease utility costs, and reduce your environmental footprint by being more sustainable.


The Car Wash Show, Las Vegas, a key event to ISTOBAL USA

The Car Wash Show is the premier event for owners, operators, investors, and decision-makers in the car wash industry and is the perfect setting for ISTOBAL to showcase the new additions to their portfolio. The new equipment will mean a turnaround in ISTOBAL´s equipment line-up following an increasing demand from US customers to widen the spectrum of solutions currently offered in this market.

 Up until now, US subsidiary has been primarily positioned as an in-bay automatic and truck wash company. But, the launch of this new equipment comes in hand with a new strategy with a focal point on the specific needs of North American customers and industry demands. The US is one of the main growth markets for the Group in the upcoming years.

ISTOBAL has had a subsidiary in the US since 2009; its first manufacturing and assembly plant was set up in Bristol, Virginia, in 2011. With 125,000 Sq Ft., the plant meets the specific needs of the US market.


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