ISTOBAL new ozone-in-water system reduces costs in pressure jet wash and increases sustainability


ISTOBAL launches Ozone Jet Wash, an ozone-in-water system that reduces operating costs in pressure jet wash through equipment that is more environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective than hot water boilers, achieving optimum wash quality.

With this new development, ISTOBAL provides an alternative to hot water boilers in jet wash, which generate high operating and maintenance costs and considerable CO2 emissions. 

With Ozone Jet Wash, the company achieves excellent wash quality with lower chemical consumption, improving the quality of the waste water after washing.

This is one further step by the company to promote sustainability in carwashes with an efficient consumption of resources that ensures optimum cleaning quality, boosts the profitability of the vehicle wash sector and offers a better experience for the end user.  

Increased profitability

Aimed at 2 to 4 bay jet wash facilities of petrol companies, service stations and professional car washes, Ozone Jet Wash is a compact, safe, simple and reliable equipment that saves up to 36% in operating costs compared to electric boilers. In the case of diesel boilers, the savings are up to 25%, and in centres with aerothermal and gas boilers the savings are up to 15% and 11% respectively.    

Better user experience with total security

Ozone Jet Wash also provides a better user experience due to its excellent vehicle wash quality thanks to ozonated water that avoids the use of hot water.

The presence of ozone in the water is completely harmless to people and vehicles, increases the cleaning potential, provides greater chemical efficiency and removes more dirt more quickly and effectively. It also facilitates the maintenance of the wash tracks, keeping them in optimum condition for longer.

Ozone Jet Wash is the first automatic system on the market with independent validation of its quality and effectiveness in car cleaning. Carried out by the chemical consultancy ATQ, included in the Ministry of Industry's Register of Entities that carry out R&D activities, it confirms that this equipment provides better results in vehicle washing, both with and without the use of chemicals, compared to the use of hot water.

The equipment, designed under the strict safety conditions of oil companies, complies with WHO guidelines for airborne ozone concentrations (below 0.05ppm). Quick and easy to install on both new and existing equipment, it will be available from June 2023 in the European market.


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