ROCKET fairing

The bold design of the rocket front and rear fairing makes the top half of the rollover really stand out, giving the unit an air of strength as well as making it look more appealing.

PLAIN fairing

Functional fairing for the top half of the columns to match the design of the doors. Its geometrical shapes give it a sturdy and simple appearance which is in line with the overall design of the machine.

Luminous Decorative SFERIC Blue

SILVER pictograms

The Silver program pictograms are a recommended option when the machine does not include light signs

HEXA vinyl

The Hexa vinyl allows users to integrate the Sferic decorative light signs to give the machine a more modern look.

Fairing colours

Brush colours

Effective drying

Dryer 15.2 kW [20.4 hp] (4 x 3.8 kW [5.1 hp]) with horizontal dryer nozzle plus vehicle scanning and optional deflector to achieve a better result on the rear of the vehicle. As an alternative, we offer a choice of two 4 kW [5.4 hp] turbofans fitted to the top of the machine to perform the dry phase with no need for scanning.

Splash screens

Perspex screens with aluminium reinforcement, with a safe and practical design and fully integrated into the machine’s structure. Option recommended to avoid splashing during the wash phase.


A complete car wash must include the vehicle’s wheels. Available with or without high-pressure; flat or spiral brushes are possible.

Underchassis wash

Possible choice: static underchassis wash 10 bar [145 PSI] 90 L/min [23.8 gpm], oscillating 15 bar [217 PSI] 120 L/min [31.7 gpm], or by sector 15 bar [217 PSI] 120 L/min [31.7 gpm]