PREMIUM fairing

ZENIT fairing with LED side screens

PREMIUM fairing with side and upper LED screens.

Colour range


Variety of dryers with maximum efficiency and minimum consumption: full dryer and horizontal dryer with adjustable diffuser Available dryer power: - 2 x 3 kW on side nozzles - 2 x 4 kW on horizontal nozzle


Various high-pressure pre-wash options prepare the vehicle for a subsequent brush wash, optimising the results. Options available from 15 to 160 bar: - High-pressure horizontal scanner. - Fixed side high pressure. - Oscillating side high-pressure and rocker panel highpressure

7” touch-screen

7” colour touch-screen built into the command post for easier connection and control of all optional extras installed on the rollover.

Disk wheel-wash with high-pressure

Built-in high-pressure wheel-washer for a thorough wheel-wash, covering the vehicle side as well as the rocker panel. Two-direction spin for a better result on new rim designs Other options: - Disk wheel-wash - Telescopic disk wheel-wash.

High-pressure wheel-wash

Six rotating nozzles for a top-quality rim wash; the ideal companion to the horizontal high-pressure.

Multi-disk wheel-wash brush

Wheel-wash brush with eight autonomous inner brushes to thoroughly wash the most difficult rims. An innovative friction-detection mechanism helps the brushes rotate independently, reaching into the grooves of the different rims available in the market. This new mechanical system is built into the brush, which means the wheel-wash can be fitted on any car wash equipment without any additional devices. The wheel-wash brush is also available with built-in high-pressure

LED signs

Enhance the image of your car wash facility with the new LED signs. ISTOBAL M’NEX32 has been designed to incorporate LED screens on the top fairing and on the rollover front doors. Different animations and messages can be displayed to help customers understand wash phases and make the user experience more enjoyable. The facility’s image can also be completed with centring guides with multi-colour LEDs, lightening up the wash bay and therefore facilitating the vehicle positioning.

Infinite foam arch

An amazing way of washing the vehicle through a foam curtain with ISTOBAL esens® chemical products, covering up the bodywork with a dense product layer. The bright colours and pleasant smell of the foam, together with the LED lighting system, turn the car wash experience into a show. Installed onto the back fairing of the rollover, it is applied on a dedicated wash pass.

Open and Rear tilt

Greater wash accuracy thanks to the 10º tilt of the vertical brushes; in combination with the horizontal brush, washing any vehicle shape is now easier.

Link-it brushes

A good brush should ensure that the materials in contact with the vehicle have optimal cleaning and caring capabilities. ISTOBAL car wash brushes have been developed considering several important aspects such as the material of the brush and the fitting system.

Chemical products

As car wash experts for more than 65 years, we know that an effective chemical is essential to obtaining an impeccable finish. ISTOBAL esens® is the chemical product brand developed by ISTOBAL, offering chemical solutions that meet our customers’ expectations and maximise the profitability of car wash equipment.