Tunnel istobal DRIVE-THRU
Tunnel istobal DRIVE-THRU

Tunnel istobal DRIVE-THRU

The Perfect Option for High Volume Fleets, Rental Car Operations, or Automotive Dealers


  • Presoak Arch: Applies a soap mixture at the front.
  • Wrap Around Washers: Allow for automatic cleaning of the front, side and rear of the vehicle. Air retract standard.
  • Top Brush: Our 52” diameter top brush allows for a thorough cleaning of the horizontal surfaces. Counter-weight balanced with air retract standard.
  • Rinse Arch: Applies rinse and/or wax water for thorough rinsing of the vehicle.
  • Wash Control Center: Contains all electrical motor starter relays and safety devices to run the machine. Compact all in one design.
  • Chemical Injection System: Dosing pumps are used to inject a metered amount of product into the water system as required by component needs.


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