Caring for your vehicle

How to wash an electric or hybrid car

Now that they are increasingly common, you should know that it is completely safe to wash electric and hybrid cars in rollovers, tunnels and jet wash areas, assuring that this equipment will not cause damage to the electric system or the batteries. Today we tell you in our blog how to wash an electric or hybrid car, in response to any doubts about what these cars needs in terms of maintenance and care.

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The brightest Christmas with ISTOBAL

This year, we wanted children to be involved in the Christmas card that ISTOBAL gives to all its employees. So, we launched the 1st Children's Drawing Contest, 'The brightest Christmas with ISTOBAL', for the children of ISTOBAL Group employees up to the age of 12. We wanted to find a drawing that showed the most Christmas-themed car wash facility, through the eyes of young artists. And we have done it!

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Why shouldn’t I let my car dry in the air?

Today's subject at caring-for-your-vehicle is the drying step. This essential car wash process is usually overlooked. We should not forget that a good car wash might be totally ruined if the last step is skipped: the drying.  What is the point of washing your car if it is all covered in water spots?

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