Caring for your vehicle

Why shouldn’t I let my car dry in the air?

Today's subject at caring-for-your-vehicle is the drying step. This essential car wash process is usually overlooked. We should not forget that a good car wash might be totally ruined if the last step is skipped: the drying.  What is the point of washing your car if it is all covered in water spots?

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Enjoy a convenient car wash without getting out of your vehicle

You arrive at an ISTOBAL car wash facility. You choose and pay for the program at the terminal, you drive on to the machine and you enjoy the service without getting out of your vehicle. How convenient and quick! Let me introduce you to the new Smartdrive by ISTOBAL, which is currently being launched at Uniti Expo in Stuttgart (Germany). Let me tell you about this technological development that will turn car washing into a much easier task.

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Car wash tips for a perfect car in spring

Now that spring has arrived, we want to give you some car wash tips to make your car look like new. The first thing you should know is that insects, resin, pollen and bird droppings are the main enemies of your car's paint in spring, and that dirt deposits on the body damage the paint, affecting the colour and reducing the shine. 

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Have fun with your family while you wash your car!

Do you wash your car at weekends? Do you take your children with you? Do you want to take care of your car while your little ones learn how important that is? Or do you just want to have a good time with your kids while you wash your car? Well, from now on, you will be able to do so at the jet wash with the new children's gun specifically developed for them. 

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Scenting your car: new-car smell or clean-car smell?

Did you know ‘New car smell’ is a Wikipedia entry?  It is indeed. According to the largest free online encyclopaedia, the term “refers to the odour that comes from the combination of materials found in new automobiles”. Wikipedia also refers to the fact that some people find it to be a very pleasant smell, and that there are ‘new-car smell air fresheners’ that can reproduce the smell of a brand new vehicle in old cars. In fact, some workshops and dealers use it after a repair and with second-hand cars.

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