The HW’DRIVE-THRU is a new, heavy-duty model of equipment by ISTOBAL. This model has been designed specifically for the needs of fleet operators and transport companies needing a solution for a wide range of vehicles.

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Versatile Drive Through System

The HW’DRIVE-THRU comes standard with 4 vertical brushes washing independently and optional mitter curtains that wash the top. The control panel and the chemical product metering system are built-in on the structure, which makes the equipment both autonomous and compact.

The HW’DRIVE-THRU provides wash configuration versatility with a strong design, reliable mechanics, and gentle, precise brush movements guaranteeing an efficient wash with a single or continuous cycle operation.


Drive over undercarriage system utilizing 24 nozzles strategically placed to maximize undercarriage rinsing.

Designed for trolleybuses and trams

Washing height up to 4.1 meters



Color brushes



Exit traffic light to indicate rear wash



Wax dosing


Integrated underchassis wash, 20 bar [290Psi].



System for more adaptability to the shape of the vehicles



Tilting brushes for trams


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