Pre-wash Acid Plus

Powerful deoxidising cleaner formulated with mineral acids, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors, producing a remarkable foaming, wetting and degreasing effect. Specially designed for removing embedded organic particles and metal oxides from the paintwork. The foam is easily rinsed with water. Offers effective cleaning results in high-pressure machines when used in combination with an alkaline pre-wash.
. For manual application, the product should be diluted to between 2% and 8% depending on the amount of dirt to be cleaned. We recommend using concentrations of around 5% for commercial vehicles, up to a maximum of 8% for very stubborn dirt. Allow the product to work for a maximum of 3 minutes before rinsing at high pressure or using brushes with water. Important: never allow the chemical product to dry onto the chassis. Do not spray onto very hot or matte surfaces without moistening them first, and make sure the vehicle is not exposed to sunlight during application.

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