The 12 kW static dryer is made up of two top nozzles and two side nozzles, with four turbines, 3 kW each.

Underchassis wash

Two options are possible: static underchassis wash 10 bar [145.038 PSI], 90 L/min [19.8 gpm], and oscillating underchassis wash 15 bar [217.557 PSI], 120 L/min [26.4 gpm].


A complete car wash must include the vehicle’s wheels. Available with flat or spiral brushes.

Splash Screens

Micro-perforated curtains to prevent splashing during the wash process.

PITLANE Pictograms

Decorative pictograms representing the wash phases. Available for two different application versions.

BRUSH Colors

Optional Fairing

We now offer an optional front fairing to upgrade the look of your equipment.