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Today we want to talk to you about a subject that can be particularly relevant after holiday periods: interior cleaning. 

Today we want to talk to you about a subject that can be particularly relevant after holiday periods: interior cleaning. As you know, many of our clients come to us after a holiday with their families, after a long journey.

It is important for us to be well prepared for their visit after the vacation, offering the best car-valeting service including not only the exterior but also the interior. In fact, a car interior gets dirtier than the exterior, which makes interior cleaning a service to be included into our detailing portfolio.

Cleaning the car inside includes a number of elements such as the mats, the upholstery and the dashboard, among others. The ISTOBAL esens® product range includes car cleaning products that meet the quality standards of the most demanding clients.

If you offer this service at your jet wash or if it is the client who does it directly, you must be prepared to resolve his/her doubts. Next is a guide for a good service at your facility:

Interior cleaning steps

The first thing you want to recommend your clients is to empty the car completely. If they travelled with their family, the car is likely to have food and drinks, personal belongings, full ashtrays, electronic devices, toys, magazines, etc. The car must be totally empty so that a quality clean can be performed.

Once the car is empty, mats must be taken out to shake and vacuum-clean them. Then, the whole interior must be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner: the carpet, the dashboard and the seats.  ISTOBAL’s vacuum cleaner is simple but really effective and functional. It incorporates a small blower to blow dirt out of hidden areas.  A good tip for our clients is to slide forward the front seats to gain access to the area underneath and ensure a quality result.

For the dashboard, we recommend cleaning products with anti-static properties to prevent dust from sticking to the surface. You can choose a gloss or matte finish. These products are applied with a cloth on the dashboard, the steering wheel and the inner side of doors. ISTOBAL has a cloth dispenser with either cleaning paper or cloth for your clients. The dispenser has a light to indicate that paper has run out. This indicator also works for mechanical or electronic payment and tokens.

Warning: It is very important not to forget cleaning the pedals! A lot of dirt builds up on them due to the contact with the driver's shoe soles but they can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

Windows are also a fundamental element in a car, though external dirt will probably be much more relevant than dirt on the inner surface. Fingerprints are usually found inside as a result of opening and closing doors. To remove them, you can recommend the use of a window cleaner.

Another point to bear in mind is the upholstery, particularly if stains remain after vacuum cleaning. There are special upholstery cleaners with different properties depending on whether the material is textile, leather, or artificial leather. Another piece of advice you can give your customers is to test the product on a small, not too visible area of the upholstery, especially if it is the first time they use it. This way, we can test for the right dosage and we can avoid undesirable effects.

Once all the steps have been followed, we need to allow some time for the car to air with the doors open. By doing this, any moving dust can settle, and the windows, the upholstery and the dashboard will dry.

And last but not least: we also recommend using air fresheners. It is definitely the final touch. It's not just what we see but what we smell that counts. A clean car inside and outside is great, but if it smells nice then it’s the icing on the cake! For that perfect final touch, ISTOBAL has an innovative line of scents that can neutralise any unpleasant odour. They are applied with our sprayer, which has a dedicated spraying nozzle.

Simple steps to a perfect result! You are now ready to offer an exceptional car-interior cleaning service.


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