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Sustainability and respect for the environment are always present from the very beginning when designing our technologies for vehicle wash and care because we think a different way of doing business is possible. 

Sustainability and respect for the environment are always present from the very beginning when designing our technologies for vehicle wash and care because we think a different way of doing business is possible. For this reason, we champion the design and production of sustainable solutions, under the premises of maximum reduction in the consumption of water, energy and chemical products. All this, without affecting the efficiency and quality of the wash and which also implies an improvement in the productivity of the vehicle cleaning business. Do you want to know how we achieve this? Read carefully. 

Biodegradable chemical products 

All of our ISTOBAL esens® chemical products are biodegradable and in recent years have extended their international certifications in sustainability. These include the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, one of the most important and demanding sustainability certifications worldwide, which certifies that our chemicals meet the most rigorous criteria for environmental respect and are effective in the wash process.

In addition, many of the ISTOBAL esens® products also have other international certifications such as the VDA quality certificate, which is issued by the German Association of the Automotive Industry and the Austrian environmental quality certificate ÖNORM.

Using more chemicals is not synonymous with better efficiency. For this reason, our chemicals are tested together with the car wash machines in order to optimise the processes, with minimum dosages that guarantee maximum cleaning quality, and offer the best wash experience.

Another of our sustainability milestones has been the reduction of more than 90% of plastic in car wash chemical containers compared to traditional containers. Our line of super concentrated Xtract products in the ISTOBAL esens® range which come in Doy Pack takes up less volume for transport and storage, so we also manage to save transport and reduce C02 emissions.


Innovative solutions for lower water consumption 

Our innovation department has managed to significantly reduce water consumption in wash solutions for all types of fleets. Therefore, automated industrial equipment uses 45% less water, thanks to the increase in water pressure in the most critical consumption phase.

The incorporation of new materials in brushes that absorb less water, together with a better redistribution of the water circulation circuit, among other technologies, has meant a 40% reduction in the water used in our state-of-the-art rollovers.

Jet wash facilities are also more sustainable as they consume 33% less water with low pressure operation and low flow in certain programmes.

The reuse of wash water is another key element in our environmental policy. With our physical and biological recyclers it is possible to reuse 80% of the water used in each wash. So, for example, the incorporation of this technology makes it possible to save an average of 128 litres of water per complete programme in the rollovers.

Did you know that one litre of hydrocarbons pollutes 1,000 m3 of water, the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool? For this reason, the hydrocarbon separator is also fundamental in the development of ecological solutions for the car wash process. With it, we manage to retain the hydrocarbons from the fuel and engines of the vehicles, therefore preventing them from contaminating the water resulting from the wash process and also allowing the reuse of water.


Energy saving in wash equipment 

Energy efficiency in our washing equipment is another of our premises, so we develop different technologies with this in mind. Other examples include the 32% saving in energy consumption in our jet wash facilities, thanks to the incorporation of frequency alternators that allow the speed of the pressure pump motors to be controlled, depending on the stage of the wash. With this we achieve energy savings of more than 4,300 KWh per year on each wash bay. And with the Smartpulse system, we enable an additional 5% energy saving by automatically managing the operation of high-pressure pumps and chemical dosing pumps.

At ISTOBAL, as a company committed to the environment, we will continue to promote sustainable technologies for the wash and care of all types of fleets. We have a large R+D department that is totally involved in a more sustainable wash world.



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