ISTOBAL USA presents at The Car Wash Show the EXPRESS ON RAILS, an innovative car wash solution to boost revenue at minimum cost


Without adding operational costs, the EXPRESS ON RAILS combines the revenue enhancing features of a mini-tunnel with the reliability, efficiency, and wash performance of all ISTOBAL in-bay automatics.

ISTOBAL USA will, for the first time, feature the EXPRESS ON RAILS system at booth 710 during The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas from November 15th – 17th. This innovative car wash solution is adapted to new market demands and delivers revenue enhancement at a fraction of a mini-tunnel’s cost.

Aimed at service stations, car wash facilities, and convenience stores looking to boost their sales with a smart investment, the ISTOBAL EXPRESS ON RAILS (EOR) combines the revenue enhancing features of a conveyorized tunnel with the reliability, efficiency and wash performance of the ISTOBAL rollovers without requiring on-site labor.

More economical to install than a mini-tunnel, the EXPRESS ON RAILS system increases the volume of an in-bay automatic up to 1.5x and can utilize any standard ISTOBAL rollover such as the FLEX5. The FLEX5 is the first and only transformable rollover in the market. It can be reconfigured from three brushes to five brushes in just one day easily increasing capacity and throughput at the facility. It can be configured as a touchless rollover, a hybrid model, or as a combo option and all of this amazing flexibility is retained when used as a component of the EXPRESS ON RAILS system.

ISTOBAL's North American Director of Sales, Ian Burton, stated that “this system responds to our customers’ need to create a more profitable a car wash facility for today’s market”. In this sense, he pointed out that “meeting the sales volume necessary to support the high cost of operating a car wash with today’s uncertain labor markets is now possible with the ISTOBAL EXPRESS ON RAILS concept”.

Burton highlighted that this system has achieved a fivefold increase in sales in 2021 when compared to 2020. The most recent deployments of this technology were at major c-store sites in the Northern California area, as well as at retail sites such as Sheldon Place Super Wash in Elk Grove, California, and Beam & Gleam Express Auto Wash in Three Rivers, Michigan where the first dual-bay Extended Height EOR has been installed.

Recommended set-up for the best results

To obtain the best results, ISTOBAL recommends to set-up the EXPRESS ON RAILS with the ISTOBAL FLEX5 rollover followed by free-standing ISTOBAL product arches that maximize traffic flow and enhance the wash experience, the ISTOBAL T’SHINER to add revenue and increase customer satisfaction, concluding with free standing dryers for unparalleled wash quality. A control panel it is also recommended allowing operators to remotely monitor and manage their ISTOBAL equipment.

The ISTOBAL tire shining systems ensures a damage-free wash with a lasting tire shine thanks to a brush with soft polypropylene bristles, which evenly conforms to any tire profile. The patented “tire dressing capture and reclaim” makes the ISTOBAL T’SHINER use up to 66% less dressing than similar equipment available in the market.


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