By Gubbio car wash area: the most up-to-date automatic car wash in the region of Umbria in central Italy


Area di Servizio By Gubbio is strategically located next to the SS 219 national road, which really enhances access and ensures a large influx of customers.

Today's topic has to do with Gubbio, a beautiful Italian town in Umbria, in the centre of Italy. Guinness World Record for the largest Christmas Tree, Gubbio is a medieval town which brings together ancient traditions and popular festivals with the most contemporary car wash services in the region thanks to ISTOBAL's latest technology.  Area di Servizio By Gubbio is strategically located next to the SS 219 national road, which really enhances access and ensures a large influx of customers.

We are welcomed by Domenico Barbi and Luigi Procacci, the owners. Their families have jointly run their business -Impre S.n.c.- since 1994.  Their flagship IP petrol station has an area of more than 8,000 m2 and a steady staff of 5 people. They present their services to us: "By Gubbio offers a wide range of services: fuel and gas, a cafeteria, and a small area to service vehicles. Next to the fuel area, we have a self-service car wash consisting of 5 jet washes, 3 rollovers and 5 double vacuum and interior cleaning stations. All self-service equipment is managed by a software package that allows the user to access all the services through a rechargeable key".

In their view, the key to success lies in the ability to plan the washing area as a strategic service right from the beginning, instead of conceiving it just as a complement to the petrol station business. That's why the car wash area is so very prominently located, facing the national road, making it as relevant and visible as the actual service station. "Our facility is open 24 hours a day and staffed with qualified employees willing to help the user in case of difficulty," say the owners. They are absolutely sure that the car wash and its various programs and certified products, together with the friendly staff, really make the difference if compared to other facilities, usually located in the most hidden areas at the back of the service station.

It was a year ago that Domenico and Luigi started trusting our distributor, CS Promotion, based on their realization that they had to renew their car wash area. They had two rollovers installed this year: ISTOBAL M’NEX25 and ISTOBAL M’NEX32. A rollover combination highly valued by their customers: "The installation of the two new ISTOBAL rollovers has allowed us to diversify the range of services we offer. In fact, the optional extras of these two rollovers and their configuration options have allowed us to offer our clients new solutions and wash programs such as total high pressure, the underchassis wash, the Infinite Mousse Arch, etc. The new rollovers have aroused our regular clientèle's curiosity and have even lured more customers than the jet washes", says Domenico.

The owners are planning to install an exclusive upholstery-cleaning area in short. In line with their philosophy, it will also operate on a self-service basis, and the current area for customers to take shelter when it's cold or raining will also be extended. As you can see in the pictures, they have a plot with more than 15.000 m2 at the back of the service station including rest areas and a playground for the little ones.

While we enjoy a superb cup of Italian coffee at the cafeteria of the service station, they explain the reasons behind their decision: "We chose ISTOBAL for two reasons, the first one, of a technical nature: we were really impressed by their machines, shown to us by Tiziano Torroni from CS Promotion; and the second reason was of a human and professional nature; in our visit to the ISTOBAL factory in L'Alcúdia (Valencia), we personally saw how  professional those who represent the company are, at all levels. We really felt we were dealing with an important company, one that started up as a family business who never forgot their roots, which gives it added value ".

At ISTOBAL, we are ever so pleased to talk about our customers’ success, since they are the professional managers of car wash facilities and they know, first-hand, what they think of a company like ours. All the best to them in their business!


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