Xtract Rain Wax Plus

This wax forms a thin water-repellent layer that speeds up the drying process. It also offers lasting protection and improves visibility in adverse weather conditions by causing the rain to disperse at driving speeds over 80 km/h – no windscreen wipers required. The product also boosts shine and protects the surface of the vehicle.
. We recommend using the “Xtract Mixing System” when preparing Doy Packs, as this device is automatically programmed to ensure that the chemical product is distributed evenly in the water. The mixing cycle should ideally be programmed to be carried out for 1 minute every 10-12 hours. This device can be used to supply Jet wash areas and car wash bays and tunnels. We recommend a dosing rate in the region of 10 ml/min. Purified water should preferably be used to dilute the product; however, mains and well water can also be used providing that the following specifications are met: pH 6.5 - 8.5; hardness < 35.5 ºF; conductivity < 1000 microS/cm; turbidity 0-5. All the user has to do is open the cap of the Doy Pack container and pour the contents into the “Xtract Mixing System” device, then enter the volume of product introduced into the system on the screen. Flasks with a volume of 2 litres are used for bays and tunnels equipped with the “Xtract Dosing system”. These containers are attached directly to the electronic control pump to ensure that none of the chemical product goes to waste. It is easy to adjust and control the dosing rate from the control panel by entering the desired quantity in millilitres. We recommend a dosing rate of 4.1 ml/min.

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