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In water treatment biological systems, the presence of sources of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) in the waste water to be treated is essential for any carbonated organic matter to be degraded. On this basis, adding external nutrient sources to compensate for imbalances in the carbon load to be eliminated has become a usual practice. This facilitates an optimal BOD/COD ratio. The product has N, C and P and is also enriched with Group B vitamins.

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. Apply recommended dose directly over the surface of the aeration tank. The same procedure can be followed in anaerobic processes. The use of a specific biological product is recommended as a way of boosting the oint action of active microorganisms and nutrients. Dosage: In case of imbalances between BOD and COD, 50 gr/m3 of flow rate. If BOD is too low (below 1/3 COD) 100 gr/m3 of flow rate. Weekend supply, 300 gr/m3 of pool capacity, on Friday. Vacation supply, 300 gr/m3 twice a week. Store in a cool place and protect from moisture.

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