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Biological booster consisting of bacteria that degrade fatty and organosulphurate compounds without releasing hydrogen sulphide, oils, animal and vegetal fats, a number of hydrocarbons, organic acids, etc. It contains mineral nutrients that help microorganisms to develop when they are activated. Advantages: - uick degradation of organosulphurate compounds without releasing hydrogen sulphide or sulphur. - Elimination of smells caused by hydrogen sulphide. - Prevention of corrosion caused by sulphate-reducing bacteria. - Improved reduction rates for: COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). - Reduction in secondary sludge and related treatment costs (flocculants, transport, treatment). Improved sludge settling. - uick re-start of treatment system following accidental spillage. Used in the treatment of waste water containing organosulphurate compounds, fats and proteins in particular: paper mills, tanneries, sulphur industry, rubber manufacturing and processing, food sector (slaughter houses, breweries, sugar refineries), oil refining.

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. For optimal treatment, observe microorganism development conditions: - Temperature range from 10 to 30 ºC. - pH between 6 and 8.5, preferably from 7.0 to 7.5. - Nitrogen and phosphorous levels in line with BOD5, COD and water treatment plant. Dosage: Dosage depends on numerous factors, mainly: influent flow rate, COD and BOD5 values, facility type, and pollutant nature and concentration, which requires the application program to be set by our technical department. Treatment, anyway, must start with a considerable dose, for microorganisms to become acclimatized and develop. The starting dose will then be gradually reduced until a lower maintenance dose is reached, so that the specialised population can be renewed and sustained. As an indication, dosing in the first week is 1 to 5 gr/m3 influent, approximately, and 0.2 to 1 gr/m3 afterwards. Close container tightly after taking the required dose. Wash hands with soap and water after usage.

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