Hydro bios protect

Microorganism-based biological activator, capable of degrading a large range of detergent compounds, hydrocarbons and phenols. Contains trace elements and nutrients that support microbial growth. Incorporates families of microorganisms with excellent potential to improve performance at low temperatures. Mainly used in the chemical and textile industries, as well as in urban water treatment plants receiving influents of an industrial origin. Good results at low temperatures (5 C). Advantages: - Faster degradation of complex substances. - Improved reduction rates for: COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). - Reduction in secondary sludge and related treatment costs (flocculants, transport, treatment). - Effective in all water treatment systems: Activated Sludge, Bacterial Beds, Biological discs, Prolonged Aeration. - Helps water treatment plants deal with overload and toxicity issues. - Allows a fast re-start of water treatment systems after accidental releases. Close container tightly after taking the required dose. Wash hands with soap and water after usage.
. Add the daily dose to waste water at the inlet to the aerobic treatment system (aeration basin, bacteria bed, pond, etc.). Mix the product dose with water vigorously, 60 g/l or 1 kg per 15 litres of water. For bacterial activation, aerate the pre-culture with compressed air for 2 to 3 hours; to achieve a better adaptation of bacteria to the new environment, you can use 1 part effluent for 3 - 4 parts tap water (maximum COD of mix around 1500 mg/l). For optimal treatment, observe microorganism development conditions: temperature between 10 and 30 ºC at activation; pH between 6 and 8.5, preferably from 7.0 to 7.5; levels of nitrogen and phosphorus adapted to BOD5, COD and to the water treatment plant (Minimum BOD/N/P ratio 100/5/1). Dosage: Dosage depends on numerous factors, mainly: influent flow rate, COD and BOD5 values, facility type, and pollutant nature and concentration, which requires the application program to be set by our technical department. Treatment, anyway, must start with a considerable dose, for microorganisms to become acclimatized and develop. The starting dose will then be gradually reduced until a lower maintenance dose is reached, so that the specialised population can be renewed and sustained. As an indication, dosing in the first week is 1 to 3 gr/m3 influent, approximately, and 0.2 to 1 gr/m3 afterwards.

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