Hydro block hydrocarbons

Powerful biological activator prepared with microorganisms, enzymes, nutrients, surfactants and penetrating agents selected for liquefaction and digestion of hydrocarbons (petrol - diesel - crude oil - benzene - toluene - ethylbenzene), fats, starches, celluloses, detergents, etc. Its use is recommended for the treatment of hydrocarbon separators, pumping stations, wash tunnels, pipelines and siphons, grease decanters, and small water treatment facilities in case of maintenance issues, or problems related to dosing, infrastructures receiving heavy industry waste, etc. Ready to use, it does not require previous dilution or metering, or complex control systems.

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. Before using the product, ask our technical department to recommend the most adequate treatment and optimum dosage. As guidance, use one block a month in 3 - 4 m3 tanks. For other dimensions, please enquire. Introduce the block into the water treatment station, preferably in the first decanter, holding it from the holder. Keep block submerged at all times and away from areas with excessive turbulence (liquid inlets, agitators, next to pumps or aerators, etc.). Best results are obtained within four to six weeks from application. Grease deposits lasting longer than six months are the result of low moisture in the waste. This procedure should be considered in any application of the Blocks (whether slow or rapid dilution). The use of the product is incompatible with the use of oxidants and biocides. If a chlorine metering system is used, free residual chlorine concentration should not exceed 0.7mg/l. Store in cool, dry place, and avoid temperatures above 30 C. For hygienic reasons, wash hands after handling.

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