Hydro bisulfite

Fast- acting, broad- spectrum biocide for use on membranes in reverse osmosis equipment at automatic vehicle wash facilities. Aqueous solution with an organobromine compound base.

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. Read directions before handling the product. Dose pure product directly from container. Apply once a week for 20 minutes while in demineralised water production mode. Observe equipment settings indicated for your machine. See appendix USAGE AND DOSAGE RECOMMENDATIONS. DIRECTIONS FOR USE, INCLUDING WITHHOLDING PERIOD AND PRECISE INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTENDED USE Read the label carefully before using the product. Do not apply on foodstuffs or kitchenware. Do not mix with any other chemical. Do not add REVERSE OSMOSIS BIOCIDE in the presence of the reducing agents (sodium bisulphite) used in the supply water of membrane systems. The addition of reducing agents must be stopped at least 15 minutes before adding the REVERSE OSMOSIS BIOCIDE in order to prevent the active ingredient from neutralising and deactivating. The container shall not be reused.

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