Code of Ethics

Are you aware of any inappropriate behaviour in ISTOBAL?

Have you detected any irregularity?

Do you have questions about the application of the Code of Ethics?

Is there something that can be improved?

All of these questions can be communicated by any employee or third party through the ISTOBAL Ethical Channel, a specific communication channel where a simple form can be filled in to report any inappropriate behaviour or any possible breaches or behaviours contrary to the ethics, legality and/or our internal regulations, as well as to answer any questions about the application of the ISTOBAL Code of Ethics.
Remember that communications are addressed directly to the ISTOBAL Compliance Committee and are handled confidentially.

ISTOBAL prohibits any type of action or retaliation against any person for having reported a possible breach of the Code of Ethics in good faith, even if the suspicion is ultimately denied.

ISTOBAL Code of Ethics

ISTOBAL Compliance Policy

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