ISTOBAL USA attends NACV Show for the first time backed up by the huge growth of its industrial wash range

ISTOBAL USA will attend the North American Commercial Vehicle Show for the first time backed up by the huge growth of its industrial wash range. The US subsidiary of the Spanish group specializing in vehicle wash and care solutions has tripled sales in the industrial wash range this year, thanks to its innovative solutions such as ISTOBAL HW’INTRAWASH and ISTOBAL HW’PROGRESS.

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How to wash an electric or hybrid car

Now that they are increasingly common, you should know that it is completely safe to wash electric and hybrid cars in rollovers, tunnels and jet wash areas, assuring that this equipment will not cause damage to the electric system or the batteries. Today we tell you in our blog how to wash an electric or hybrid car, in response to any doubts about what these cars needs in terms of maintenance and care.

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Softer, longer-lasting brushes that adapt better to the contours of the vehicle.

A good brush should deliver effective cleaning results, guaranteeing a high-quality wash while also protecting the chassis. Recently, we have made various improvements in order to make our brushes more durable, quieter, and more adaptable to the contours of any vehicle. If the brushes in your rollover or tunnel need renewing soon, keep an eye out for these new developments.

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